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The Return of The Business Visitor Process

The Israeli government published regulations for permitting foreign national business personnel entry. This new version of the exception is more lenient than the previously advised exceptions. It is not yet clear if the regulation will allow business visits from red countries.

The Ministries of Health and Economics are once again, permitting companies to submit applications for travel exemptions under extraordinary circumstances, for business persons during the current entry ban.

In this capacity, applications can be submitted for the entry of a foreign business person. Permitted activities must be of a pure business nature (for example negotiations, signing a contract on new transactions for procurement, sales or investments in Israel, etc.). An application of this nature should not be submitted for visits of a technical and/or engineering nature.

It is mandatory to attach a clear photocopy of the visitor’s certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination or a COVID-19 recovery certificate, originated by an official body in the country of origin of the intended visit, to the application.

Official government processing time is up to 20 days.

If approved by the Ministry of Health, the entry of the foreign business person man will be permitted, subject to the various COVID-19 restrictions provided by the Ministry of Health, including but not limited to the individual’s Eligibility for a Green Pass and isolation requirements.

Although no specific process guidelines were provided as to distinctions made between arrivals from red and orange countries, it is expected that business visitors from red countries will not be allowed to travel to Israel unless they have stayed in the orange country for at least 14 days immediately preceding travel to Israel.


Israel to Ease Entry of US National Palestinians

According to Senior Officials, Israel’s Minister of Interior has recently updated the US Ambassador on the decision to ease entry requirements into Israel and the West Bank through Ben Gurion Airport for Palestinian-Americans.

This announcement was made as a positive response to the US demand in talks with Israel on joining the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), planned to be implemented in 2023.

It is not yet clear what new mechanism will be put in place to allow U.S. citizens of Palestinian descent to travel through Ben Gurion Airport with greater ease, or when will such mechanisms will be implemented.

Currently, US nationals registered in the Palestinian Authority population registry, including those whom Israeli authorities believe may have a claim to a Palestinian ID card, are prohibited from entering Israel through Ben Gurion Airport, without advance permission, regardless of whether they hold other nationalities, including U.S. citizenship, or place of residence.

These individuals are permitted to enter the West Bank but are required to enter and depart from Jordan, through the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge, using either a valid Palestinian Authority (PA) passport without an exit permit or a PA ID card together with an exit permit.


30% Raise in Aliyah to Israel on 2021

A rise of 30% in numbers of new Olim (obtaining Israeli Citizenship under the Law of Return) was reported in 2021, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and Nefesh B’Nefesh.

4,000 olim were reported to have made Aliyah from the United States, arriving in Israel with the assistance of Nefesh B’Nefesh. These numbers represent the highest annual number of olim from the USA since 1973.

·  3,500 arrived from France,

·  400 from Canada,

·  7,500 from Russia,

·  3,000 from Ukraine

·  1,636 immigrants from Ethiopia,

·  900 olim from Argentina,

·  650 from the United Kingdom,

·  550 from Brazil;

·  550 from South Africa

·  290 olim from Mexico

55 percent (14,620 olim) of all of this year’s olim were under the age of 35.

The city welcoming the most olim in 2021 was Tel Aviv, where 2,870 Olim chose to make their new home, followed by Jerusalem, with 2,760 Olim, Netanya with 2,710, and Haifa with 2000. Other cities where new olim arrived in 2021 included Ashdod (940), Bat Yam (920), Raanana (880), Beit Shemesh (860), Nahariya (825), and Be’er Sheva (750).


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