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Israel to Ban Entry of Foreigners for 14 Days

The Israeli government announced today its intention to ban the entry of foreigners from all countries for the next 14 days.

This decision is still subject to final approval by the larger cabinet and unless otherwise mentioned, is expected to go into effect tonight at midnight (between Sunday November 28 and Monday November  29).

The restriction was put in place in an effort to contain the highly mutated Omicron variant of COVID-19.

It is yet not clear the effect of the ban over new foreign workers arriving in Israel, those who already working and residing in Israel with existing B-1 work visa and multiple entry visa with their dependents, those with already obtained a short-term employment permit (SEA 90 days) and not entered yet, business visitors, etc.

Nevertheless, it was announced that any foreign nationals who do manage to get permission to enter Israel through exception committee, would have to quarantine in a state-run coronavirus hotel.

The un-expectancy of the COVID-19 entry-to-Israel measures is evident by the cabinet's decision to inform Israelis departing for overseas that the directives may change while they are abroad.

KTA will follow up on the topic in a Client Alert and will advise accordingly. Additional 24 hours updates regarding the ban can be found in KTA dedicated post: click here


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