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Tips & Hints: Updates to New COVID-19 Entry Requirements

7 days after the implementation of the new COVID-19 entry regulation into Israel, we would like to share tips and hints as well as newly released information by the Ministry of Interior:

  • Any foreign national planning travel to Israel (for both work or business) must make sure in advance that he or she is eligible for a green pass according to current Israeli Ministry of Health regulations. Upon making the determination, one should take into consideration his or her vaccination or recovery status and dates of getting the last vaccine shot. Please click here for the official government instructions. Please note that these regulations are changing frequently, and thus we recommend checking them frequently before travel.
  • Checking and adhering to the health regulation will avoid last-minute ineligibility to travel or even a denial of entry upon arrival to Israel. This information is relevant to all travelers (of all ages), including those who hold a valid multiple entry visa stamped in their passport.
  • The Israeli border control advised that according to the new entry regulation effective November 1, 2021, the Entry Statement must be filled in advance (and not more than 24 hours before boarding). This requirement applies to ALL foreign nationals. Upon submission of the entry statement form, the traveler’s eligibility for the green pass should be declared together with attaching proof of vaccination:

  • Successful application for Green Pass: the individual will receive a green pass by email from the Israeli Ministry of Health. The green pass will need to be presented upon boarding a flight to Israel and upon entry at the airport border control.
  • Unsuccessful application for Green Pass (non-eligibility for Green Pass): the individual or his employer will need to submit a special application for an entry permit before the travel. The entry permit will need to be presented upon boarding a flight to Israel and upon entry at the airport border control. additionally, the individual will have to comply with health regulations that may include full quarantine measures upon entry.

  • The above requirements are in addition to the requirement to Take a PCR test, up to 72 hours before the flight to Israel, and upon arrival to Israel - at the airport. 
  • The Israeli Ministry of Interior has also clarified to KTA, that upon entry of foreign nationals into Israel, a thorough check is expected to make sure the vaccine declaration made is genuine.  We, therefore, recommend having the Green Pass as well as vaccine proofs available upon landing. According to the Ministry, in case an individual entry statement form will be found to be inaccurate, the individual will be denied entry.

Increased Border Control & On-Site Inspections Alert


KTA was informed of additional questioning by border control is expected, to avoid dual intention by visitors entering as tourist or business travel with the intention of work).  In such a case the individual may face a denial of entry. We recommend verifying the required visa type of each traveling to Israel before the expected travel.


A work visa will be required visa according to the activities expected to be performed in Israel. Place of salary payment, the fact that the employer is a non-Israeli company or the expected duration of the visit are not relevant for the determination of work intention that requires a work visa.


The presumption of work will typically include one of the following activities:

  • hand on the job,
  • Hands-on training,
  • Advising,
  • Consulting,
  • Installation of machines,
  • Maintenance of equipment,
  •  Supervising a work,
  • Visiting in restricted work areas (such as manufacturing, constructions areas)

Additionally, we have been advised that the Ministry of Interior will boost their worksite inspections to enforce compliance over labor and immigration employment of foreign nationals


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The COVID-19 information is gathered from various public media sources at the courtesy of KTA to its own clients and website visitors. Due to the rapid, sometimes daily changes in policy, we urge any traveler to get updated at the official government website by clicking here prior to planning or taking any international travel to or from Israel.

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