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Israel Lifts Travel Ban to Spain Effective August 31st, 2021

Today’s Covid-19 Advisory update from the Israeli Ministry of Health states that effective August 31, Spain and Georgia will be taken off the list of Countries which Israel considers as being the highest risk for coronavirus infection. 

This decision enables Spanish and Georgian nationals to travel to Israel either:

  • for business purposes (requiring a special permit to enter Israel for business during COVID 19’ conditions and a ‘B-2 visitor’ visa) or
  • for employment purposes (requiring a work permit and special permission for employees to enter Israel during COVID 19’ conditions).

Remaining Countries Still Subject to the Travel Ban

Until August 31, 2021,  entry to Israel will remain prohibited for foreign nationals who are coming from or, in the last 14 days have  stayed in, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Georgia, Turkey and Bulgaria.


For current online Covid-19 travel advisories by country, please click here.

Reverting to Consular Processing for B-1 Work Visa

Prior to the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, employees travelling to Israel for the first time were required to process their initial B-1 work visa at an Israeli consulate in their home country. However, as  a consequence of the partial closure of Israeli Consulates throughout the world during the Covid-19 Pandemic period, the Ministry of Interior assumed responsibility for the issuance of first-time entry permits to Israel.

The Ministry of Interior announced today that it will be reverting to the pre-pandemic process. Employees travelling to Israel for the first time will now need to process their entry permit and first B-1 work visa at a Consulate in their home county.


Congratulations to new members of the  KTA Team

Kan-Tor & Acco is happy to announce and congratulate new team members who have joined us to assist meet the increase in demand for Israeli and US visa services:

US Department: Bernard Gordon and Amihai 

Israeli Department: Rafhael Roth, Aviad Kariv, Noa Livna 

New Front Desk 2nd Floor: Zlil Nir and Aden Cohen 

Accounting: Margo Merts

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Amit Acco, Senior Partner


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