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COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Is Now Required for Foreign Expert Entry to Israel

Effective today, any new foreign employee arriving in Israel for more than 45 days, must provide a copy of the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate. 

The Certificate must be presented upon employer’s application submission for entry permit into Israel (Permission to board a flight). 
 According to the Israeli Health Ministry, 5,946 new cases of the COVID-19 were reported in Israel on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 with 421 patients in serious condition. Some 4.62% of tests returned positive.

Bank Guarantee for Non-Academic Foreign Expert

Prior to granting a work permit for a non-academic employee, the Work Permit Unit may issue a conditional approval, by which the employer will have to deposit a large amount of money, to secure the employer obligations towards the foreign employee (salary and remuneration, adequate housing, medical insurance, social benefits and more). 

 As a result of a new monetary management system implemented recently by the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry announced earlier this week that whenever the employer is required to deposit a guarantee, this needs to be done in the form of a bank guarantee rather than a bank check or cash deposit (as was the case until today).


  • Employers that already submitted a bank cheque or cash deposit, are now required to replace these with a bank guarantee.
  • Deposits of bank guarantee will be handled by the Ministry of Interior Headquarters in Jerusalem, rather than in Ben Gurion Airport Ministry office (as was the case until today).

The Difference between Bank Guarantee and a Bank Check

A bank guarantee is usually an autonomous guarantee that can be cashed by the Ministry of Interior unconditionally. 

On the other hand, A bank check is a check that can be cashed through the bank, but if the bank refuses, such as when the employer canceled the check before cashing request, the bank is not obligated to repay it. Execution by court will be needed in such event.

Entry Ban Due to COVID-19

Entry to Israel is still prohibited for foreign nationals arriving from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Georgia, Turkey and Bulgaria. 

For current online travel advisories by country, please click here


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