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Israel Lifts India’s Travel Ban Starting August 11th


Today (Aug 11th, 2021), India was taken off the Israeli list of nations considered at the highest risk for coronavirus infection.  

This decision permits Indian nationals to travel to Israel either for business purposes (requires special permission to ‘enter Israel for business during COVID 19’ and a ‘B-2 visitor’ visa) or for employment purposes (requires a work permit and ‘special permission to enter Israel during COVID 19’ for employees)

It is yet unclear if a visa process at the consulate will be mandatory, as the Israeli consulates are working on a limited capacity due to COVID-19.

Other Travel Ban Countries

Entry to Israel is still prohibited for foreign nationals arriving from Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Great Britain, Cyprus, Georgia, and Turkey.

However, according to the Jerusalem Post, Great Britain, South Africa, Russia, and several other countries are set to be taken off the list of nations considered at the highest risk for coronavirus infection starting August 16th.

For current online travel advisories by country, please click here


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