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Potential Policy Change: Individuals Entering Israel from"Green" Countries will No Longer Require Isolation

According to the Jerusalem Post, a leading Israeli newspaper, Prof. Itamar Grotto , the Deputy Director General of the Israeli Health Ministry announced today that Israel is close to an agreement that with several “green countries” that would eliminate the quarantine requirement for travlellers entering Israel from these countries. The policy change refers to countries with a low coronavirus infection rate. 

Prof. Grotto revealed the plan during a State Audit Committee meeting, where the topic under discussion was the future of Israeli aviation during the pandemic.  

It is still not clear which countries will qualify, and whether it will include both Israeli nationals and those entering as “foreign experts”. The previous list included 11 countries with relatively low corona morbidity., Israel had considered at that time on a pilot program to resume flights and tourism without requiring quarantine upon arrival for individuals from the Seychelles, Cyprus, Greece, South Korea, Slovenia, Montenegro, Georgia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria, and Lithuania.  

The new policy is expected to be regulated in the next two weeks. KTA will update as soon as information is available.  

Resumption of Routine Services a US Embassies Begins

The Department of State (DOS) has begun to resume routine visa services on a post-by-post basis, with posts in Frankfurt and Rome beginning to process certain non-immigrant visa applications.

It was emphasized that the resumption of specific visa services, or return to processing at pre-COVID levels, is dependent upon local circumstances. 

The US Embassy Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Branch have not indicated when normal processing may begin, given the recent increase in COVID-19 cases. 

New Exceptions to Presidential Proclamation

The DOS has begun to issue exceptions to Presidential Proclamations (10014& 10052) suspending the entry of immigrants and non-immigrants presenting a risk to the United States labor market.

In response posts have begun to process certain H, L and J visas which meet the requirements of humanitarian travel, public health response, and national security. 

Additionally, the DOS affirmed it will issue dependent visas (H-4,L-2, and J-2)  in those cases where the principal applicant is currently in the United States.

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