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Israel: Exceptional Foreign National Entry Permit

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Israeli Ministry of Interior has clarified the requirements for an exceptional foreign national entry permit.  

Which categories can apply for an exceptional foreign national entry permit?    

1.  Foreign Experts (Expats) - A limited number of experts will be approved. The experts must perform a work that is necessary for national infrastructure and/or functional continuity of the economy.   

A recommendation from the relevant goverrojectnment officials and approval from the Ministry of Interior and the Work Permit Unit is required.     

The application should first be submitted to the relevant government office of the company operations or p (for example Ministry of Transportation for railway projects or Ministry of Infrastructure for power plant works).   

After obtaining the foreign expert's necessity approval, the company should apply for a work permit through the Work Permit Unit of the Ministry of Interior.   Last stage will be approval to travel to Israel by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2.  Through marriage - A foreign national who is married to an Israeli citizen or permanent resident. The application should be submitted at either the Ministry of Interior in Israel or at the Israeli Consulate abroad, depending on the circumstances.  If both spouses live abroad – the foreign national’s entry will be subject to presentation of health insurance (including a section relating to COVID-19 coverage).   

3.  Students -Foreign students who started their studies in Israel and are currently abroad.   

4.  Married Yeshiva students.   

5.  Medical Tourism – The hospital manager applies directly to the Ministry of Health, which will forward the application for approval of the Ministry of Interior and the Foreign Ministry.  
6.  Weddings - Permanent or foreign residents, whose “center of life” is in Israel for purposes of attending the wedding immediate family members. The entrance will also be allowed for grandparents.   

7.  Funerals – Allowed only in the case of immediate family members and their spouses.  COVID-19 compulsory home isolation for arriving Foreign Experts   According to the regulation, foreign experts arriving for more than 72 hours (dealt by different regulations) must remain in isolation for 14 days of the date of arrival in Israel. The Ministry of Economics instructed that the employers of new or returning foreign experts must provide housing in apartments rather than hotels for the isolation period. Please click here for full home isolation instructions.     

Poland reopens borders with EU neighbors

Poland's government halted entry to the country in mid-March in a bid to slow the spread of the corona virus. Despite fears of a resurgence of the virus, on June 12, Poland relaxed control of the border with Lithuania. The day after, Poland opened its border with Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. 

Poland's controls at the border with Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian exclave Kaliningrad remain in place, while entry requirements from these countries have been relaxed.  

Under Poland's new measures, citizens of non-EU members Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine area allowed to enter Poland if they are the spouse or child of a Polish citizen or have a work permit for the country. 

Workers from these countries will not need to complete a 14-day quarantine on arrival. Flights to EU destinations are expected to be resumed on June 16. 

It was not immediately clear when railways within within the EU would resume operations.

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