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Israeli Consulate in Dublin Ireland: Services Shut Down

According to an official announcement made by the Israeli Consulate in Dublin-Ireland, the consulate will stop providing any consular services on an immediate basis. This includes, but not limited to visa processing. No reasoning or explanation was provided in the announcements. 

According to the announcements, all consular services for Irish nationals or residents, will be provided until further announcements by the Israeli Consulate in London, United Kingdom. 

Since the Irish nationals are visa waivered to Israel, the non-visa service at the consulate in Ireland will affect only those seeking to process either 3-month STEP B-1 work visa or 1 Year B-1 work visa.(Expert or Hi-Tech)

Israeli Ban Upon Entry for Visitors from Several Asia Countries - Corona Virus Update

Israel has banned the entry of non-Israeli nationals who have visited the East Asian locations of Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Hong Kong in the past two weeks. 

The Israeli Interior Minister instructed today, that as of Monday February 24, 2020 08:00 am Israel time, South Korea and Japan to be added to a list of Asian countries to which travel to Israel is being barred. 

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