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Israel To Reopen its Skies on Sunday, March 7

The Israeli government has decided to reopen Ben Gurion International Airport on Sunday, March 7. 

The number and destination of flights allowed to operate from uBen-Gurion will be determined by the Transportation Ministry in cooperation with the Health Ministry. 

Initially up to 3,000 Israeli passengers will be permitted entry per day. Flights coming from the US, Germany, France, and Ukraine will the first to be allowed entry.

Entry to Israel 

Any person arriving will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken at least 72 hours prior to departure.  A second test will also be required upon arrival. All incoming passengers must comply with COVID-19 testing requirements including those who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from the virus. 

The Entry of Foreign Nationals:  

  • Tourists: Not allowed into Israel as a general rule, unless they are in compliance with the exceptions specified by the Ministry of Interior. 
  • Entry for Urgent Business Meetings: Requires special permission from the Ministry of Interior to enter Israel. 
  • Entry for Work (Foreign Experts): The Work Permit Unit will start re-issuing work permits. Upon obtaining the permit, the Foreign Experts will be required to obtain a special entry permit from the Ministry of Interior, which will be provided on a limited basis.

The entry of Israeli nationals: 

Israelis will no longer require a special permit to enter the country. Isolation Requirements:

  • Post-vaccination: A COVID –19 test is required upon entering Israel, however, if the test is negative, isolation will not be required.  
  • Pre-vaccination: A COVID –19 test upon entering Israel is required. Plans are being put in place to require a deposit be made on a “tracking kit” (such as an electronic bracelet or SMS digital phone tracking software), to ensure that people isolate themselves at home. If no consent is given to the tracking kit, the person will be required to be isolated in a state-run isolation facility. 

About home-isolation: 

Required for 14 days from arrival. The isolation period may be reduced to 10 days by showing negative results on two COVID-19 tests. The first test should be taken as soon as possible after arrival, and the second test on the 9th day. 

Departure from Israel 

  • Israeli nationals: No restrictions on departures for Israelis who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19. Those who are not vaccinated will still be required to apply for permission to leave the country. 
  • Foreign nationals: No restrictions on departures.


Additional COVID 19 Information

Please visit KTA COVID-19 Advanced Information Center for an additional information by clicking on the button below.


Aliyah rights for Conservative or Reform Conversions

The High Court of Justice issued its ruling this week recognizing conversions that take place under the auspices of the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel. 

The High Court emphasized that the purpose of the Law of Return was to encourage Aliyah to Israel (obtaining Israeli citizenship) for persons who convert to Judaism as well as those who are born Jews. 

Individuals completing Reform or Conservative conversions in Israel are to be recognized as Jews by the Ministry of Interior and are eligible for Aliyah under Israel’s Law of Return.

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