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Travel In/Out Israel Updates

This week the State of Israel issued a revised regulation regarding the entry of foreign nationals to Israel, including and the new process required to allow their entry. 

The regulation refers to many sectors of travelers. The following reference is relevant to the business sector – KTA clientele:

  • Foreign experts’ entry for work: Following the recommendation of the relevant Ministry (Transportation, Energy, Health, Economy etc.) and the issuance of the work permit, there is still a need to obtain an entry permit for the foreign expert from the Ministry of Interior (local office or work permit unit: depending on the type of visa). No entry will be allowed without an entry permit. 
  • Foreign expert re-entry to Israel: Regardless the need to have a multiple entry visa, all foreign experts need to obtain an entry permit prior to each entry to Israel, even if they hold a multiple entry visa. The application can be submitted prior to departure from Israel at the Ministry of Interior.
  • Business trips to Israel: Applications must submit directly to the Israeli consulate at the foreign expert’s place of residence. Due to the rapid changes in the regulations, processes followed by the offices of the Ministry of Interior and consulates abroad may vary. 
We recommend contacting your KTA Client Manager to determine the optimal legal service that is needed for each scenario.


Vaccination against COVID-19 and Green Pass!

The State of Israel is currently in the midst of an extensive vaccination campaign against COVID-19. 

Foreign experts are also eligible to be vaccinated. Any person who has been vaccinated and completed the two vaccination in Israel, including foreign nationals, will receive the green Pass! 

The green pass grants an exemption from quarantine (in case of exposure to a verified corona patient), entry to businesses, and allows flying without the prior condition of a pre-flight corona test.

COVID 19 Information

Due to the new COVID-19 variants concerns, the Israeli Elections, Passover and the forming of a new government thereafter, we do not anticipate major changes to the Israeli entrance policy in the next few weeks.

Please visit KTA COVID-19 Advanced Information Center for an additional information by clicking on the button below. 


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